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Why Tattered Beans 24/7/365?

Our Tattered Beans 24/7/365 Business Program is a very unique concept! How many potential entrepreneurs have hit road blocks trying to start their own business? They have a great concept and work ethic, but many are unsure of where or how to start. Here at Cobble Creek Group, through our Tattered Beans 24/7/365 Business Program, we help with that. We guide the future entrepreneur through all steps of starting their business. We start with a comprehensive business plan and discussion, then mentor the entrepreneur throughout their goals and into expansion, if desired.

Our founder has started over 20 successful business in a variety of fields, from construction to tattoo shops to nightclubs and restaurants. In addition, he has authored three books. From a widely varied background and the teachings of the School of Hard Knocks, he has gained the experience necessary to user the next entrepreneur to success.


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