Frequently Asked Questions

Does everyone qualify under the Tattered Beans 24/7/365 Business Program?

We review and respond to every business concept submission. As long as the business concept isn't illegal, every concept qualifies and will have the same chance as any other submission. 

Are there financial limits to the program?

The Tattered Beans 24/7/365 Business Program allows for a maximum loan amount of up to $50,000. Each submission is reviewed by our Tattered Beans 24/7/365 Business Team and an estimated startup and daily operation projection is made at that time to determine what the financial need may be.

Do I own my own business?

If your business concept is one of the lucky ones chosen to move forward with, a new entity will be started between you and Cobble Creek Group, LLC., as 50/50 partners. Once the initial financial obligation loaned to you is paid back, the corporate paperwork will be amended to a 90/10 partnership, where you are the majority owner.